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Stocking stuffers are my favorite!  Its so fun coming up with ideas for the whole family….little gifts that you don’t have to wrap are always nice!  This is one of my personal favorite beauty products and is really a must for any girl! I am always a fan of toys that aren’t huge, bulky and plastic, so the and woven I had to order. And these are the easiest heartfelt gift ever. They work for anyone from newlyweds to long time lovebirds…you really can’t go wrong with these! Coffee table books are something on my list every Christmas. Not very many coffee table gifts fit in stockings but if you find some cute smaller ones they are awesome gifts too. I am getting Cody one because we love to play the card version together!

How do you like to fill your stockings?  Do you have any fun traditions?


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  1. Roses for Fridays | by mia

    Lovely gift ideas … love ♥️it!

  2. Kristen Sehn

    So many of these are adorable, I love the Monopoly one!
    xoxo Kristen

  3. Janine

    This is easily one of the best gift guides I’ve seen this year, definitely saving this! Can not believe that this watch is under $50 and I will be definitely getting those customizable glasses for friends of mine who just moved into their first apartment together!
    Thanks for sharing Christin!
    xx Janine

  4. Ewa Macherowska

    Love the selection! x

  5. Danni Rico

    I am asking for the SK watch and the rose facial mask! These are great finds. Thank you!

  6. marie from heartfelt hunt

    such cute pieces. thanks for the inspiration! i loooove the packaging of the monopoly game!!! <3


  7. Dorie

    I love those ideas! We don’t do this stocking stuffing, but those are great gifts anyway 🙂
    Greetings from Vienna
    Dorie from

  8. Elizabeth T.

    I love the color palette of all of these stocking stuffers <3 🙂 So pretty! And oh, that watch is so pretty!

    XO, Elizabeth T.

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