Daily Style Diary: New York Travel Style

The many faces of B – I can’t believe how big he is getting!!

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Hi from NYC! Cody is working as the brand ambassador for Westin (so proud of him!) so we are in NY for the next couple days for an event. Normally flying is a breeze and doesn’t phase me. Yesterday we were stuck on the tarmac for an hour and half before we took off because of weather in nyc. We were in the very last row with no window and I was getting major anxiety lol. Like claustrophobic feeling times 100. Usually Cody is the one who gets anxiety but it was totally me yesterday lol.

I got  sneakers earlier this week I’m obsessed with the colors. They are my new favorites and ! My other travel staple is  and I’m obsessed with . It’s felt so it’s a little different from anything else I own and I love the soft shade of grey, it goes with everything! Also  I’m wearing here is super cozy and on sale under $25 (comes in three colors). More great travel style options below!

XX, Christine

XX, Christine

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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Traveling in comfy and stylish looks are the best! 💗👍🏼💗

  2. Eleagant duchess

    You certainly look very comfortable! I love the sneakers 👟 xx

  3. Tabitha

    Great post! I totally get the anxiety part when it comes to flying. Just thinking about flying strikes me with anxiety. Last time I was on a plane we flew through a storm and had really bad turbulence. On a positive note, you look so cute when traveling. Your outfit is too cute.


  4. Kathrin

    This looks like such a comfortable outfit! Perfect for a flight!

  5. Fatou Diaw

    Love this!

  6. Elizabeth

    Looking super cozy! <3 🙂 Loving these sneakers so much!

    XO, Elizabeth

  7. Natali

    Perfect travel day combo! Love your new sneakers!

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