The Product You Need To Pull Off the No-Makeup Look

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When I was young I always used to look forward to being able to wear makeup, but it’s funny that the older you get the more you appreciate be able to go makeup free! Cody has always preferred it when I wear less makeup and, although I don’t do it for him, it’s always nice when your beauty habits align with your S/Os preferences. You know what I mean. 🙂

For the past two or three years, right before I hit my 30’s, I became a fanatic about taking care of my skin. Cody always teases me it takes me 20 minutes to get ready for bed because I have my process down and am religious about taking care of my skin morning and night.   I’ve become a lot more confident going makeup-free now that I’ve invested in taking care of my skin. Honestly the best compliment in the world is when you’re not wearing makeup and someone compliments you on your skin!

We had a two week trip to Asia planned this summer and when we are traveling I really try to minimize my “getting ready” routine, which usually means cutting out makeup so I’m not skimping on packing my skincare products. I wanted to start prepping my skin early so I embarked on my #OneBottleAwayFrom journey and starting using  earlier this summer in hopes of going makeup-free in Asia. I already love how it’s transformed my skin with just one bottle. Since I’ve started using it my skins feels smoother, refreshed, and has that radiant “glow” I’ve always wanted. It’s supposed to help with ant-aging and wrinkles when used consistently over time, so I think it’s too early to tell if there’s a difference in my fine wrinkles, but I love the hydration and even tone and texture it gives my skin. were the first masks I ever bought and they have always been one of my favorites, so I was already a fan of the brand, but no I am a loyal SK-II Facial Treatment Essence user. The Facial Treatment Essence has the highest concentration of Pitera – the brand’s signature ingredient found in all products – which helps keep your skin hydrated and clear, and improves the elasticity and texture of skin, so you can get that radiant look you’ve always wanted and feel confident pulling off a natural, no-makeup look.

Have you guys tried yet? What do you think??

XX, Christine

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