Dining Room Reveal

was the first piece I picked. It looks like a high-end designer table but a third the price!

are probably my favorite piece from our new space! The leather is so easy it clean which is a must with kiddos! Also !

He was pretty excited to help and stir the juice!

Cute  (under $20) Also ordered this pretty  too.

Love the modern feel of !

 looks great with lemons and limes in it too! It’s such a good decorative statement piece.

OUTFIT DETAILS:  (UNDER $100) | (UNDER $100) |


TABLETOP:  | | | |  | | PINK GLASSES () |


Happy Monday guys! Hope you had a great Mother’s Day weekend! I am so excited to share our dining room makeover with ! I shared a few sneak peaks on Instastories but here’s the full reveal!

I have been putting off our dining room redesign for the longest time! Our dining table was the first thing Cody and I bought after we got married with money from our wedding gifts so it was definitely a sentimental piece. But the table was a little too small for our current space, so it was time for a refresher  it was time for a refresher! I’m so happy with how it turned out. I always get a lot of questions on our home decor so I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces, why we chose them, and a few must-haves to make a dining room feel both fresh and functional.

Space to entertain. We had outgrown our table a while ago so I had been on the hunt for something bigger and when I found I got really excited! It looked like the high-end designer ones I had been eyeing but it was less than half of the price. That’s one of the things I love about shopping at – their pieces are great quality and are all at really good price points. I love how big is, so there’s plenty of room for some extra seats when we have guests over. We also got to add a few more seats while we are entertaining and the kids love to sit there for breakfast or while Cody and I are cooking. You can never have too many places to sit!

Easy-to-clean seating. This was a big one on our list. We used to have linen chairs but they  got destroyed so fast- the kids spilled so much on them, they were ruined in no time. I love white to brighten up an area, but Knew I had to get something that could hold up against spills.  are amazing! Probably my favorite piece from the redesign.We’ve already spilled syrup, spaghetti, juice – the works, haha – and it wipes up and cleans so easily because they are leather. Also love  on them. They are so beautiful!

Dishware you can mix-and-match. I’m always collecting different pieces, so whenever we entertain, we always have a variety of color depending on the occasion. It helps add dimension by mi colors and patterns. I’m obsessed with these wood dishes! And I just ordered .

Something green. I don’t have much of a green thumb but having a plant of some sort makes such a huge difference to liven up a space! I loved the look of  (just ordered ) and knew it stood a better chance of sticking around a little longer since it doesn’t require me watering it. 🙂 Fresh flowers also make a huge difference and are my favorite trick to brightening up any space.

Let me know what you guys think! You can shop and also see my favorite finds from below:

XX, Christine

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  1. Alex

    HI! New subscriber here 🙂
    Such a pretty dining room! I have a question for you…We are buying the Suzette Reclaimed Dining table on Jossandmain, and I can see that there are two to choose from — one is the grey washed (which you linked), and the other is the WHITE washed (according to the website description, though their photos are exactly the same). I prefer white over grey, but the grey one is about $100 cheaper. And if that’s really the one you got, I’ll do it too, because yours doesn’t even look grey in the photos! Is there any way you could confirm whether you got the white washed or the grey washed? I’m just so excited to buy this table but nervous to buy the wrong one!! Thanks so much!

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