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Cody and I grew up playing sports and the kids are all in sports, so we’ve always been a really active family.  Cody and I do different workouts at home when we don’t make it to the gym and Beckam has started trying to imitate some of the exercises. He’s mostly picked up on lunges and push-ups and always says,”Look at my push-ups like dad!” or “Look at my legs, mom!” It’s seriously the funniest thing!

Nike and Adidas have become our family’s favorites.  For the kids, it starts with Wes – all he wants to wear is his baggy athletic shorts and tees. Beckam, in true little brother form, just wants to copy everything that Wes wears. Mara is so cute and wants to coordinate with B so it comes full circle and everybody usually ends up in some kind of sportswear look.

How cute is she?!! Obsessed with  (ON SALE)!

B never wants to take off! When he opened them he was so excited and put them on immediately and started running up and down the stairs showing off how fast he was in them. 🙂 It’s like in his head he is playing the part of a soccer player but once he got on the field at his last game he refused to play but he still considers himself a full time soccer player off the field, haha. We also got him and  and I melt every time he wears them! So cute!

I love the bright and colorful kids selection they have at Kohl’s, especially  (also got these for Mara in ). They have so many cute athletic pieces for the kids and you can always find a good sale or deal! Athletic pieces always hold up well so I don’t have to worry about the kids being rough on clothes. Love love on B. The bright lettering really pops – it’s one of his favorited shirts.

I got  and loved them so much I ordered them in olive and pink, too. A lot of my Nike shorts flare out on the side, so I love that this pair doesn’t. I also ordered  while they were running a 15% off sale. Honestly it was one of those pieces that you buy because they are on sale even though you don’t know if you really need them, but in person they are SOOOO CUTE. They make any workout look really pop with the crisp white. I’m obsessed – they’ve been on repeat!!

Obsessed with  (ON SALE!) under $50.

Below more great sportswear finds at !

XX, Christine

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