14 Things I Love



Happy love day! In honor of Valentine’s Day I just wanted to share 14 random things I love:

1. Movies that make me cry. Especially around holidays like Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

2. When Cody writes sweet notes on my mirror in the morning.

3. When Beckam pats his belly after he’s had a good meal and says “Mmm so delicious”. ?

4. When I can keep my house clean for more than a day.

5. Seeing new places!

6. La La Land – hands down my new favorite movie! Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are two of my favorite actors so I kinda already knew I was going to love it before I saw it. But it’s so good and I love the music with it.

7. Bruschetta. Even more when it has balsamic glaze!

8. As I’m writing this asking Cody what I love he says . ?? I haven’t gotten ready for a few days lol.

9. Creating and designing! I’ve felt super inspired lately. Obsessed with .

10. ! My friend told me about it and it’s magic.

11. Listening to really loud music in the car.

12. Thin crust pizza. Always wins out over thick crust!

13. Sneakers. I’ll always be a sneaker girl! Just ordered and still obsessed with under $100.

14. YOU GUYS! Seriously, from the bottom of my heart, I read each and every comment and love getting to know all you guys. Thank you for being a part of our family. We love you!!

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Whether you’re in love or enjoying being single, take a second to let someone you care about know you love them! Whether it’s a friend, family, kids, or your special someone. Enjoy this special day of love! ❤️

XX, Christine

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