3 Destinations On My Bucket List and 3 to Add to Yours

I love finding pretty luggage! I’ve kind of started collecting because I like different pieces for different occasions or destinations.  I’m the worst at condensing everything into a carry-on (although I’ve been making a little progress with Cody’s help lol) so especially when it comes to family trips we end up needing a lot of suitcases. We’ve also been traveling so much lately that a lot of the time I still have a partially unpacked suitcase on our bedroom floor while I’m packing for the next trip, so having a few luggage options has been a lifesaver, haha.

The inside of the suitcase has drawer-like sections (like a dresser) which make it really convenient for packing, especially if it’s for the kids. I can use one section for each kid.

Seriously is there any better feeling than matching luggage? I’ve been looking for a cognac leather style for forever so when I found  I had to get  from Joy Mangano. A classic leather is such a pretty neutral and it’s timeless you can use it forever.



Hey guys! One of my main goals from last year was to travel more and it’s something I want to focus on this year too. I moved around a lot as a kid and I really think it helped shape me as a person and drove my love for travel as an adult! Some of my favorite memories with my family were on trips and I hope our kids feel the same! I feel like there’s so much to learn from seeing new places and interacting with different people around the world. I know there’s still so much world to see and you could spend a lifetime seeing it all, but below are three destinations that are on my bucket list:

1.  Bora Bora – A little cliche. I feel like everyone has this on their list, but I really want to go anywhere with huts over the ocean! Maldives, Bora Bora, Fiji, it looks like the ultimate tropical paradise!

2. Iceland – I actually hate the cold, Cody and I are both big cold wimps, but I’m throwing that all out the window because everything about Iceland looks AMAZING. The warm lagoons, the Northern Lights, the ice glaciers! I’m really dying to go!

3. Italian Coast – I lived in Florence, Italy for 6 months during college, doing a study abroad, and I was so bummed I didn’t get down the Southern part of Italy and see the coast! I really want to take Cody and the kids back to where I lived and then go spend a week along the coast!

I also wanted to share 3 of my favorite places I’ve been that you guys should add to your bucket list! Ok so Paris is probably one of my favorite cities in the world, but I think that might be everyone’s so outside of that obvious one:

1.  Dubai – travel guide coming soon!! But Dubai was so much different than I anticipated. The architecture, attention to detail, the beaches, everything was so beautiful!

2.  Hawaii – this has become a family favorite for us, we are making it an annual tradition to go here. Everywhere we go nothing compares to Hawaii’s beaches and the it’s in the US, so it’s usually the quickest and least expensive to get to as well.

3. Mykonos – So when we did our big Europe trip last summer, Santorini, was at the top of my bucket list and I actually liked Mykonos a lot better! Don’t get me wrong, both were beautiful, but something about Mykonos I liked more. The town felt a little younger, and the main city area is so cute! They have beautiful beaches and really good pastries!

What are some of your suggestions for destinations I should add to my list?

Below are some more great luggage options for wherever your bucket list takes you.

XX, Christine

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  1. Mary-Katherine

    I love hearing what’s on people’s bucket lists, because I am always adding to mine haha! One place you need to add to yours is Switzerland! I went to Interlaken when I studied abroad and though I’ve traveled quite a lot, it’s still HANDS-DOWN my favorite place I’ve ever visited! I’m sure it’s beautiful any time of year but we went in early Spring and it was just breathtaking!

  2. Michelle Johnson

    Love the luggage! So beautiful! Hawaii, Italy and Bora Bora are definitely on my list along with a lot more such as Nantucket, San Francisco, and Charleston, SC. I think you should come to Long Island (where I live)! Ha! A lot of people go for the Hamptons which is definitely beautiful…don’t get me wrong..I go over and shop there..but I live on the “other fork”…the North Fork…Mattituck all the way to Orient and don’t forget to go to Shelter Island! I can take you on a tour if you want! lol In all serious though, let me know if you ever visit here, would love to meet you!

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