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If there’s one thing in common with all of my favorite hairstyles, it’s volume – from my go-to hairstyles like curls, braids, or messy buns to my everyday hair products, I’m always all about volume. I typically use one velcro curler when I’m blowdrying my hair to get a little more volume to frame my face, but I was excited to get a full sett of actual hot rollers to get that same volume everywhere that didn’t take forever to do. I’ll take every minute of hands-free hairstyling I can get.

Below is a step-by-step using my for a full volume loose curl hairstyle perfect for the holidays:

1. I part as I go, but you can also part your hair off in sections before. Use thick sections that are the same width as the roller. I used thicker sections to get fuller loose waves instead of tighter curls. The smaller amount of hair you have the tighter the curl. I started with the top center section and worked back, then did the two framing the side of my face.

2. Starting about 1/2 way down the hair shaft, wrap you hair around . Leave 1-2 inches of the ends out to keep them straight so they aren’t tightly curled and give a looser and more relaxed feel.

3. To get the look, I used the biggest rollers along the top of my head and framing my face. I used the smaller rollers for the back. I love how much volume it created, especially around the front where it created the perfect side swoop (it’s so hard to do without !)

4. They say to leave  in between 10-20 minutes. I have such thick hair with my extensions so I left mine in for 20 minutes but if you have thinner hair I would suggest leaving them in between 10-15. The higher the heat and smaller the section, the tighter your curl will be. There are two different heat settings so it works on thin or thick hair.

5. Go about the rest of your day while you wait! It was so nice to be hands free and able to make B breakfast, work on a last minute blog post, or whatever else is on my schedule while they set.

6. Remove and add some product to keep your waves in tact. I rarely use much hair spray, but it helps to do a really light weight hair spray if you have an event you want to keep the waves swept a certain way for. I wanted them to stay to the side so I lightly sprayed once I had them where I wanted them.

From now through December 30th you can also get two free 2-packs of extra rollers (1.5″ and 1.75″) with code: HFBROLLERS. You can also enter for a chance to win your own  set by entering between today and 12/15.


XX, Christine

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  1. Kylie from Tan & Wild

    Oh wow those look like they really work! I used to love using hot rollers when I was younger and my mom would help me before a cheerleading match or an event! I can’t say that I’ve used them since but it’s such an easy trick as you’re getting ready to just simply heat them, put them in, volumize and be on your way!

    Might have to give these a try!

    Thanks for the tip!

    Kylie from Tan & Wild

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