I swear everything I love most about the summer is also the worst for my hair. From dry, split ends from hot summer days to greasy hair from being on the go 24/7, there are so many summer hair woes to deal with. Below are some of my favorite fixes to 4 of my most annoying summer hair problems.

  1. Greasy Hair: Between getting sweaty in the hot sun and those mornings the kids are taking ten times longer to get ready, somehow I am always late! Which usually means I don’t have time to wash my hair everyday. (Who am I kidding I don’t even have time to shower everyday – so gross I know!) Sun hats and baseball caps will only get you so far, so every girl’s go-to fix should be dry shampoo. It is a lifesaver not just during the summer but year round! I love the  – it gently cleanses so you don’t have to feel guilty for procrastinating your next lather, rinse and repeat. It’s a light mist so it doesn’t get powdery like a lot of other dry shampoos!
  2. Split Ends: It is me or does it seem like you have twice as many split ends in the summer? The chlorine, sun, salt water, heat – everything just dries your hair out to the max! That’s actually half the reason I chopped my hair last week. My ends were feeling so dry! No matter what you do, split ends are inevitable. I’ve been using this  for over a year and it helps keep my ends in check! I apply it to my damp hair after the shower, and sometimes on days my hair feels super dry I use a dime-sized amount to soften my ends after I’m done blow-drying.
  3. Water Damage: Chlorine and salt water both do a number on your hair so you should always try to shampoo your hair as quickly as possible after you get out of the pool or ocean. The longer the chlorine sticks around, the more damage it does to your hair. I know it’s hard to head straight to a shower from the beach or pool but make an effort to rinse out the chlorine and salt water as soon as you can. The  is really hydrating. It repairs damaged hair from within with Elastin Protein and Marine Collagen. The shampoo and conditioner smell so so good!
  4. Frizz and Humidity: No summer is complete without a tropical getaway or a trip to the beach. Usually that means more humidity than I’m used to living in the desert, so  is a must to keep your locks under control. The  is enriched with Moroccan Argan Oil and Coconut Extract that keeps hair smooth throughout the day.



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