Father’s Day

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His little puckered lips kill me 🙂



Mara and Wes went on a trip with their mom this week so before they left last week I gave them a questionnaire about their favorite things to do with Cody, things he says the most, etc. I’m usually a procrastinator so starting to think about Father’s Day a couple weeks early reminded me how lucky we are to have him. Cody’s really a hands-on dad. He’ll build obstacle courses for the kids to do America Ninja Warrior (Wes’s favorite activity) and is always willing to help with changing B’s diapers, helping me make dinner (at this point he might be in the kitchen more than I am ;), or just grabbing something from the car for one of the kids. He never says he’s too busy or doesn’t have time to help, and is always willing to drop everything to help out with the kids when I have a project pending or a shoot runs late.

I love seeing his bonds with each of the kids. Mara is his baby girl – they have the same sense of humor and like to play jokes on people. Wes and Cody both love cars and dirt bikes so they always wake up early and watch the XGames or Motocross while Mara and I sleep in. Beckam is Cody’s little mini-me and mimics everything he does. If Cody spits out the window, B will ask for his window to be rolled down to try too. 😉 And when Cody is doing his hair in the morning Beckam is right there waiting for Cody to do his hair too. It’s cool to see how much the kids really look up to him. We’re excited to have Mara and Wes this weekend for our family trip to celebrate Father’s Day together!

For Father’s Day I like to do something sentimental with the kids and also get him something from me. Cody collects so I knew exactly what I wanted to get him. It’s the only thing he keeps organized in his closet – everything else could be a disaster but his shelf where he keeps his watches is always in perfect order, haha.  It’s one of his favorite accessories so I get excited to pick pieces out for him because I know it will get a lot of wear. is a classic timeless piece he can wear with a button up and sneakers or that he can dress up with a suit for work or a business meeting.

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