5 Ways For Busy Couples to Make Time For Each Other


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Between the blog, working on ILY, and being a mom, my days can get pretty packed sometimes. Cody’s schedule is the same way and our down time usually involves binge watching netflix. So during an especially crazy week we try to make a habit of breaking away from whatever we have going on and making time for us. We love going out to eat, so we we like doing lunch dates so we have time to our selves. We have our tried and true favorite restaurants but we also love branching out and trying new places.  We also have a “no phone” policy during meal times so we can really enjoy our time together. It was really cool, a couple weeks ago we were at dinner at Ruth Chris and the manager came up to us and said it’s so nice to see a couple laughing and enjoying their time together so many people spend dinner on their phones. It’s funny because it’s become such a habit for us we don’t think about it anymore, but it’s such an easy way to connect with your significant other.

It’s funny how life gets so chaotic sometimes that you actually have to carve out time with your significant other.  Below are 5 other great ways to make time for each other when you both have a busy schedule:

  1. Plan ahead: I know it might seem obvious, but if your schedule starts filling up make sure you coordinate your schedule so you can figure out a time that works for both of you. We always try to plan date nights ahead of time, whether its meeting for lunch, catching a movie together, or a dinner date. Planning ahead also gives you something to look forward to and a chance to dress up. I just got this that is perfect for day or night.
  2. Time Block: I have started time blocking my days and it makes a huge difference being effective with my time. Set the timer for things you need to get done, work, cleaning the house whatever it is and you are ten times more effective. I have seen a huge difference in my day and effectiveness.
  3. Find something you love to do together: There’s nothing wrong with having your own hobbies, but finding one you can share together is a great away for you both to relax and unwind while spending time together.
  4. Learn to turn it off: Whether it’s work, school, or whatever responsibilities you have, learn to turn it off every once in a while. That might mean disconnecting from the world and banning phones, or just setting a work curfew. Cody and I both decide on a time we have to power down the computers and stop working for the night. If something doesn’t get done, we just wake up early to finish it.
  5. Getaway: It might mean you pay the price for taking time off the week before and after, but it is so worth it. Plus the time spent planning and leading up to the trip means even more time to spend together and is half the fun. Even if all you can swing right now is a weekend staycation, there’s no better way to guarantee time together than getting away.

What are some of your favorite ways to make time for each other?

XX, Christine

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  1. Meghan

    Great tips. Me and my boyfriend are so busy all the time and I have a random schedule that it’s hard to find time for each other. We also do have a no phone policy as well. I feel so bad for the couples that just sit on their phone while eating dinner.

  2. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Sooooo beautiful and so true. Digital devices seemed to have broadened and buried our life with chaos. Bringing back the basic principle of life is a gracious and an absolute essential thing to have in our life . . . And you are absolutely just the proof of that! So delightful! Great blog post! 🙂

    Bonjour Monday!

  3. Jaime

    These are all great tips! I think so many times couples–even myself and my husband–get caught up in playing catch up at work and and home and forget the importance of spending one on one time together. Thanks for the reminder!

    XO, Jaime |

  4. Kari

    I love spending time with my husband. We work really hard to leave one day per week that is unscheduled. It doesn’t always happen but when we do, it leaves time for the two of us to enjoy rela time at home or sneak away for a day trip somewhere.

  5. tara

    What a cute post! I love the idea of an afternoon date. My husband and I do that on Saturdays a lot and its my favorite. I am tired and basically ready for bed by 8pm so the afternoons are way better. I need to time block too! (and your outfit is adorable!)
    Xo, Tara

  6. CeeCee

    Lunch looked amazing!! It’s funny how we shift our focus based on how hungry we are. I’m sure by now you’re probably beginning to realize….I’m starved lol. I still managed to see how happy the two of you look. Great shots. Very sweet. Thank you for sharing with us

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