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As women I think we all have insecurities. It’s easy to pick a part things we want to change. Recently challenged me to do a post featuring an asset I enjoy “flaunting”. At first I was caught off guard, why is it so easy for us to pick a feature we want to change, but deciding on a feature we want to flaunt takes more considering. I think too often we focus on how we want to improve ourselves instead of embracing and appreciating the features we already have. So today I wanted to share some tips for flaunting your legs and making them look longer. 
1. Heels! Pumps! Stilettos! Oh my! – I can’t say it enough. Adding height instantly emphasizes and flatters your legs. Stay away from ankle strap heels these make your legs appear shorter. 
2.  Aim High – Opt for high-waisted skirts and pants. A high waistline adds inches to your legs by creating the illusion that they start higher than they actually do. 
3.  One Color – A monochromatic look will create an uninterrupted vertical line. All black and all white are the popular monochromatic looks that add length to your legs.
4. Go Nude – When picking a shoe color – go nude. This often blends with your skin tone and makes your legs look longer. In the cooler months you can use this trick by pairing black tights and black heels for the same effect.  (Nude shoe options: // )
5. Tuck it – We all love the look of a long flowy top, but these actually elongate your torso and shorten your legs. Tuck your tops into your waistline and pair it with a crop jacket.  
6. Show Some Skin – In some cases shorter is better. Choose a hemline you a comfortable with, and shorter is best when wanting to add length to your legs. Loving this . 

7. Point it Out – If you can avoid round toe shoes. extend the length of your feet adding length to your legs. 

8. Cuff it Later – Avoid cuffing your bottoms at all costs. This instantly shortens the length of your legs. 

9. Go Tall – and thigh high boots are great for creating a long visual line down the leg. Pair it with a dress or jacket that doesn’t show a gap where the boot ends and your legs will appear even longer. 
10. Vertical Patterns & Lines – Vertical lines draw your eye up and down which give a lengthening effect. or vertical work great for creating a lengthening silhouette
Whatever your favorite asset may be, wear it with confidence. Have a great weekend! 


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