5 Months

Beckam is 5 months old today! Yesterday my husband and I were saying how he’s already starting to look like such a little boy. Time is just flying by. I wanted to do an update of some of the baby products we have been using as of late (you can see my newborn baby essentials ). 

1. – This was probably one of the things I was most excited about. I saw this on a few blogs before I had Beckam and was really excited to get one. I love the modern futuristic look. You can recline it all the way back so they are horizontal laying down or sit them up. If you start using it before they are 6 months you will want to get  to support their neck and back. The kids loving having it at the table so B can sit next to them while we eat instead of having him on our laps. 

2. – Beckam loves this. We take it outside with us when we are sitting on the patio, or I set it on the bathroom counter next to me while I’m putting on my makeup. It’s really lightweight so it’s easy to move around the house wherever we need it. They have so many . 

( //  – more sale ones )
3. – If you follow me on you probably notice B wearing in 80% of his pictures. When he was first born I got him ready in super cute outfits all the time, then at about 2 months I realized how fast he grows through his clothes and how easily they get ruined. Don’t get me wrong I still love to dress him up, but honestly 4 days out of the week this is all he wears during the day. 

( // My Outfit: // // Boots – old similar )
4. – Another one of his favorites. We always joke he’s the little running man. He kicks his legs like crazy when he’s laying on his back. I loved the piano at the end of this . Every time he kicks a key it makes a noise and there is little toys that hang down for him to play with. I keep this one in my room so when I need a few minutes to get ready or take a shower I just lay the mat on my bed or on the bathroom floor and he’s entertained for about 15 minutes. Sometimes if I’m lucky I get 20-30, but usually it keeps his attention for more in the 15 minute range.