Seriously how cute is Alessandra Ambrosio?! I saw this on Pinterest and immediately started hunting for a cute leopard sports bra. Tada found this (and on sale!) I had to get it.  
With the new year brings New Year’s resolutions. I think probably the most common one is getting into shape, working out, or eating healthy. Honestly I am not much of a gym rat, I like to go once in awhile but more so l like doing active things: biking, walking, playing basketball, etc. It’s gotten harder staying active the further along I am. Let’s just say a running pregnant girl looks pretty awkward (maybe you guys pull it off more gracefully) Needless to say I have started spending more and more days in work out clothes and less dressing up. It seems like the athletic clothes are cuter than half the maternity ones out there. Below are a few items I have been eyeing to add to my closet 🙂
Row 1:  / /  (under $10: extra 30% off)
Row 2:  /  (just ordered these)
Row 3:  / /   
 Happy 2014!