Flowers and Bikes

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Hi guys! We were supposed to head to California this weekend but last minute had to cancel and I’m so bummed I was so ready for the beach!! These pictures were from last weekend when the weather was so nice! I got Beckam a bike for his birthday and he loves it so much. We go out so he can ride every night its warm enough, so I decided I needed one so I could ride with him! I’m so obsessed with and it comes in other too!! I feel like it would be a perfect mothers day gift, which speaking of, I’m working on getting a whole gift guide up for you guys for some mothers day inspiration! It’s coming up soon, so don’t forget to start thinking of how you’re going to spoil your mom this year! Have a great weekend!!

XX, Christine

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  1. Sofia

    I love your content, but it’s been brutal lately to read. Please, please have someone help you with the writing. You have great things to say, but the sentences are all constructed improperly. Many are run-on’s or fragments.

  2. Ewa Macherowska

    Just perfect <3

  3. Tabitha

    Great post! These photos are gorgeous! I love the flowers and vintage vibes. I really want a bike now lol!


  4. Kathrin

    These photos are so lovely! I love the flowers and your pretty white lace jumpsuit.

  5. Natali

    This is one of the dreamiest and nicest posts! I love your outfit, it’s so romantic!

  6. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Such a cute look for Summer! 💜👍🏼💜


    Loving these cute photos and your look!! The jumpsuit is so cute and girly and it’s perfect for the summer!! xo

  8. Michael @ Mile in My Glasses

    This was such a lovely post! Happy Spring!

    I hope you have a lovely Saturday!

  9. Elizabeth T.

    Sooo pretty! I love this jumpsuit so much! It’s perfect for the spring and summer! And aww I’m sorry to hear that you couldn’t come to California at the last minute!

    XO, Elizabeth

  10. Rach

    Oh no, I hope you get to reschedule your Cali trip soon! And omg I am obsessing over your eyelet jumpsuit. It is the cutest!

  11. Fatou

    This is so beautiful!!

  12. Hayley Larue

    These photos are so cute! Love the bike <3

  13. Men's Best Wallets

    Great Spring feeling! 🙂


  14. Michelle Johnson

    These pictures are so beautiful! I love it!


    I love this pictures, you are absolutely gorgeous. And that jump suit is so swoon worthy!

  16. Leo Passion

    Thanks for the outfits especial the Romance Rose perfume.

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