Concours d’Elegance Beverly Hills

So so !

His face when I tell him he can’t have candy out of my back pack lol. Pure pout.

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Does it feel like a Monday to anyone else?? The week I’m all turned around with the holiday 🙂 We just got back from Montana. Spent the long weekend with my family at Flathead. Been going there since I was a little girl, so it’s always so special to go back. Mara and Wes were with their mom this weekend so we missed having them with us! Hope you all had fun celebrating the Fourth of July with your family!

These pics were from a couple weeks ago at the Concours d’Elegance in Beverly Hills,  a big classic car show we went to for Father’s Day weekend. Cody loves cars! Total cliche guy thing, but it’s totally him! I like to look at old school cars but my attention span is pretty short when it comes to cars lol. But it was fun seeing Cody excited, and talking to Wes about the facts and cool things he knew about them. Mara and I were excited for the snow cones! I will admit this retro white Mercedes convertible was probably the cutest car I have ever seen! I would take a cute old school classic like that over a new expensive car any day!

A bunch of you were asking from the event (). It was another one of these pieces I saw and fell in love with! HAD TO HAVE IT! I’ve been obsessed with all this season. I wore another really pretty one in this post.

Also had to throw these last two pics in from the hotel because they were so cute of Mara and B, but I forgot to post them earlier with our other Beverly Hills Father’s Day post.

Happy Wednesday! XX, Christine

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