For some reason anytime I see buffalo check anything, it comes home with me haha. Just got (under $20 – great gift for friends too!) and (under $75).

Obsessed with for B under $15 (comes in a couple colors).

his little smirks! He is seriously pure trouble 😉

If you saw  yesterday about B, this is the little toy motorbike I was talking about that he takes everywhere 🙂


BECKAM:  (ALSO GOT ) |  | |  | (UNDER $15)

Christmas has exploded in our house! We already have our tree up, I’ve been blasting Christmas music, and of course we already have our Christmas pajamas out.

It snowed for the first time last week and I was kind of dreading it at first when they were forecasting it, but once I was cozy under my covers and the snow started to fall I got all sorts of excited. 🙂 Cody and I laid in bed with out bedroom patio doors open, layered on the blankets, and just watched the snow fall. It really made it feel like the holidays are officially here.

 (UNDER $20) |  (UNDER $20 – SUPER COZY) |  (UNDER $10)

I always get here every year. They are really affordable (UNDER $10), soft and make the best gifts! Love this pair too!


DETAILS:  (ON SALE < $20) |

I’ve been on a Christmas pajama buying binge these last two weeks. I keep finding the cutest sets and Old Navy is running 40% off everything right now (discount doesn’t show up until checkout) so it was double the excuse to stock up. I literally bought like 10 pairs last week! Not all for myself haha, but for friends and family too. I love getting holiday jammies and they make for the best presents – here are 6 reasons why.

  1. Who doesn’t love cute pajamas?: vIf you spend a third of you life sleeping, there’s no point in doing it in pajamas you don’t love. 😉 Am I right?! Obsessed with and  was one of my favorite finds.
  2. You won’t feel guilty about letting them open this present early: The whole point of Christmas pajamas is to be able to wear them all month long right? So in this case, the sooner they get to open this gift the better!
  3. It will turn into a favorite family tradition: The matching Christmas jammies has become a big tradition with my cousins.
  4. They double as great winter layers: We got Beckam these pajamas and the green pajama shirt has been pulling double duty as an undershirt. Pajama sets always come in a good selection of colors so they are great ways to add some depth and interest to kids’ looks as an undershirt.
  5. Your family pictures will thank you: I know I can’t be the only one who likes to coordinate everyone’s outfits lol. Everybody has their cameras out during the holidays so why not be prepared? Matching pajamas family photos are the best family photos. I’m obsessed with  for the kids (comes in multiple colors/patterns) and got and love in both red and grey.
  6. They won’t break the bank: Picking out presents can be risky but pajamas are one present that you can guarantee will get plenty of use and without putting a big dent in your Christmas budget. I love  and how cute is – both under $20.
  7. To get in the holiday spirit: Your PJs are the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before you fall asleep, so add a dose of holiday spirit – is there any better way to start and end every day this season??

DETAILS: (ON SALE < $20) | |

What are some of you favorite gifts to give during the holidays?

XX, Christine

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  1. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Always a beautiful idea … Pajamas are always on the list for me! 🙂

  2. brett

    Love the embroidered sneakers! So cool!

  3. Tiptoes World

    Cozy and comfortable for the holidays. A great gift idea unless I keep them all myself…..haha 😀

  4. Rachel

    Such a great gift idea! And I love your sneakers 🙂


  5. Hannah

    I love the scarf and how casually chic you look! And those Christmas PJS are everything!

  6. josephine

    So festive! LOVE the scarf!!

    1. stephanie hilger

      What size are you wearing in the gray tshirt?


  7. Charmaine Ng

    I never thought of PJs as Christmas gifts, but this is a great idea! Great pics, too!
    – Charmaine

  8. Jacq

    i love love love the jeans you are wearing in these pics but the links are a bit different… can you share what you are wearing? love them!

    1. Hi Jacq! So sorry, I looked and couldn’t find the exact style but these are the closest I could find! Hope that helps! XX

  9. Natali

    Sweetest photos!!! Love this!

  10. Diana

    Love it!! Your sneakers are too cute.
    || D I A N A ||

  11. Sophie

    This got me so excited for christmas!

  12. Kristen Robin

    The penguin ones are so darling!

    | luxury. fashion. lifestyle.


  13. Heidi

    I just love your posts with your little guy! He is absolutely the cutest. Adorable pajamas suggestions too!

    Heidi ||

  14. Dana Mannarino

    Too cute! Love holiday jammies!

  15. Alyssa

    PJS are the perfect gift! The the ste you’re rocking. So chic! xx

  16. Thays Dos Santos

    Those PJ’s are the cutest! They really do make the best gifts.

  17. Michelle Johnson

    I love Christmas pjs so much! I’m always looking for new pairs and I love the flannel shirt you are wearing. Guess I know where I’m going this weekend! lol

  18. Diana

    The link doesn’t take me to the jeans that you actually have on. I love the wash and the fact that they aren’t too distressed. Please let me know which jeans they are and where they are from. Thanks and the little guy is ABSOLUTELY adorable.

    1. Hi Diana! I’m sorry I couldn’t find the exact style anymore – they might be sold out now! But here’s a link to a similar pair. Hope that helps!

  19. Kelsey

    Your scarf is amazing and I love all of these jammies so cute!
    Kelsey |

  20. Isabella Leyva

    OMG SO CUTE! and actually great idea, thanks for the tip!
    xx Isabella from @angulo28blog

  21. marie from heartfelt hunt

    what can i say – you are just amazing! love how you integrated the more summery sneakers into this cute sporty holiday look! and the picture of you in this plaid pajama shirt is super cute!!! <3 <3 <3


  22. Kim

    Who makes the red and striped bag in the pic of you sitting on the curb? I love it!!

  23. Taste of France

    PJs can be great to receive BUT even if they’re just for bed I refuse to wear cartoon characters, like the Mickey Mouse pajamas I got last year. Not cute on adults over 25.

  24. Trisha

    Love the scarf but link doesn’t take you to the exact one. What is the one you are wearing?

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