Fall Airport Style


Happy Monday guys! It’s always a 50/50 chance you will see me in sneakers and joggers or heels for a flight. (It usually depends on how late I’m running for the airport haha.) If I have work meetings for the day or no time to hit the hotel to change for the day, it’s usually the latter.

I’m so excited to finally be able to wear jackets and sweaters now. Honestly even if it was 85° outside I would probably still wear them anyway 😉 but luckily the weather has dropped so much here in Utah it really feels like fall!  was one of my favorite buys of the year so I had to add it to our ILY collection! It’s one of my favorites from . The color and fit is so good and matches just about everything so you can pair it with  and for travel style or errands as with a pretty or for date night.

XX, Christine

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  1. Paula

    It is hard not to want to run to the airport in sweats and sneakers. I do the same! However, this outfit is gorgeous and would add some extra fun to my flight!


  2. Hannah

    That jacket is amazing!!

    xx Hannah

  3. Lesley

    Amazing airport flow! Love your moto jacket! Handbag is TDF!

  4. pia

    this look is amazing, I love your suede jacket and the cool jeans!

  5. Natali

    Such a perfect airport/ travel day outfit! I’m obsessed with your jacket!

  6. Tiffany Ruggiero

    Where are the jeans from? The link goes to a sweater

  7. Tess Felber

    This is such a chic airport look! Obsessed with that jacket 🙂 Happy Monday!
    xx Tess |

  8. Caitlin

    Love that jacket! This is such a chic airport look!

    xo, Caitlin

  9. Yana

    Love this airport look. The jacket is super cute! 🙂

  10. Linda Wagner

    When will the hats be back in stock?

  11. brett

    Love that jacket and that hat! Perfect fall look!

  12. Kelsey

    Love this outfit!
    Xo, Kelsey

  13. La Bijoux Bella | by mia

    Looking lovely! A great look for traveling! 🙂

  14. Angel Zheng

    What size are you wearing suede moto? And is it real or faux suede?

    I love it! Thinking about it purchasing it.

  15. Brad

    I love the clothes. Thanks for sharing.

  16. diana

    Super cute look!!
    || D I A N A ||

  17. Savannah Wilson

    I love this airport outfit! I always find that I do not know what to wear to the airport, and these are all great options!

  18. Olivia

    Obsessed with this jacket omg want want want!! New post//

  19. Heidi

    Ugh, this jacket is neutral perfection. You look gorgeous.

    Heidi ||

  20. sahara

    Love the color combination of your outfit <3


  21. Tiffany of Macarons and Coffee

    The jacket is perfection!!

  22. beth

    such a beautiful jacket! I think this is a great travel outfit and an everyday around town outfit.


  23. Caitlin

    Super cute look! Absolutely love this gorgeous everyday option!

  24. Manavi

    I could never hit the airport on heels, and oh how I wish I could. 🙁
    Loved the classic blue jeans- white shirt combo that you have chosen. That suede jacket was the first thing that caught my eye and it looks great, the whole look does.


  25. Martyna Piotrowska

    love it <3

  26. Lauren Cole

    The denim link actually links to a shirt. I’d like to know where the jeans are found in this picture.

  27. Kristy

    Love every single piece!!! That jacket is a must have.
    xx – Kristy

  28. Shloka

    I love your airport style – it’s so chic yet so comfortable and easy! That jacket as well is a dream!! A good motto will take you so far, especially when it’s suede and gorgeous!

    I am also kind of happy it’s getting chill, I’m ready for sweater weather!


  29. DCDoll

    Is the jacket the BlankNYC jacket in midnight toker? Or is it a replica?

      1. DCDoll

        Soooo excited! I will definitely be purchasing from you!

      2. Kristin

        I’m so glad you are carrying this! I ordered the jacket and can’t wait to receive it!!

  30. Kristie

    Gotta have the moto jacket!

  31. Rachel

    I’m obsessed with that jacket! Love how you styled it.


  32. @carolinecwilder

    I’ve always been hesitant about suede jackets, but this has me convinced! XO


  33. Alexa Johnson

    Obsessed with this look!

  34. Emily Lindsey

    Love this look!! I’m always torn about what to wear to the airport…athliesure or chic! But I may be adding this look into my usual airport style. Love it! Great find with that suede jacket! xx

  35. Kathryn

    How cute!! Loving your jacket.

    xx Kathryn

  36. Cassandra Ann

    Since working from home as a FT blogger, I’m not required to wear heels on a daily basis anymore. I actually cringed at the thought of having to wear uncomfortable heels to the airport. WHAT’S HAPPENED TO ME! Lol I love wearing them because I’m a shorty to it adds length to my height. Perhaps I need to walk around the house every once in awhile to get used to them again. HAHA ! For now, I would probably end up rocking a nice bootie, boot or sneaker to the airport. <3 Love your posts!


  37. Gabriella

    Hello!! I just found your blog. It’s amazing! Can you tell me the color or your blank NYC jacket? Please! There are so many colors & this one is perfect!

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