Shades of Blue

I can’t handle how grown up he looks! He literally breaks my heart I love him so much!

I have no idea where he learned it, but B’s new favorite thing to do is stick his tongue out and then I say oh no! And he starts laughing hysterically. He thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world. And he will keep doing it over and over again.

I just got these for B, they are on sale!

DETAILS:  |  () |  |  | |

BECKAM:  (ON SALE) | |  (ON SALE – OVER 25% OFF) |  (ON SALE – OVER 30% OFF)

B turns two in less than a month! It’s really hit me these last couple days how old he’s getting. I feel like two is the age when your babies are officially toddlers. I’m just not ready to accept he’s growing up, but I do have to admit each stage really does get better (and harder!! Holy cow he is strong willed!). It’s like he’s my little buddy that just follows me around copying everything I do. He’s so inquesitive about everything. His favorite word right now is Thank you – It sounds more like “Hank Ew” but it’s the cutest thing, and he will say when it doesn’t even make sense to say it, it’s so funny.  I did a Spring clean this weekend and almost half his clothes don’t fit anymore. Another reality check he’s growing too fast!! I got him some new stuff and he looks like such a mini grown up. Cody and I were dying over these little (seriously, how cute are these?!) I also love these (also comes in). Every season I end up getting B new sneakers his feet grow so fast! I always get a – they are one of my favorites and easy to get on which I like!
I got for Mara and . I also found some great light layers for Wes like  and on sale for under $10. And of course I got some stuff for myself 🙂 I love because they show more of your shoes. Especially when you have sneakers or flats on it’s easy for your jeans to bunch at the bottom and I like having more ankle exposed especially for Spring/Summer. I love – it’s on sale for $15 and I just got for under $25 🙂
Hope you all had a great long weekend! XX, Christine

*Photos by JessaKae. In collaboration with .

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  1. Courtney

    Are the clothes in the pictures really the ones in the links to old navy? The button downs on their site looks completely different and the pocket doesn’t have lined up patterns fr any of the colors. Also the jeans don’t look anything like the ones in your pictures. Are the links just supposed to be less expensive versions of what you’re really wearing?

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