Hey guys quick post today sharing one of my favorite color combos, blush, black and nude. I saw this dusty pink  and immediately fell in love. under a $100. Hope you guys are having a great week! XX, Christine

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  1. Anna Clarke

    A beautiful look. The heels are my favorite! So simple with a bit of glam. Love your style!!!

  2. Rach

    The details of your heels are gorgeous!!

  3. Lauren

    Such a beautiful colour and looks great with the black jeans x

  4. Emma

    Beautiful blush color. I can’t believe how gorgeous those heels are!!

  5. Diana

    Love the blush tones!

    || D I A N A ||

  6. Natali

    Always styled to perfection and looking top notch!!! Fabulous blouse!

  7. tess

    these heels are AMAZING!!! I love love love them! you look fabulous, as always

  8. Dana

    Those pumps are AMAZING. Love it!

  9. arin

    those shoes tho! absolutely beautiful! such a chic outfit for date night!

  10. Meg

    I just bought a shirt similar to this and love yours! But seriously those shoes! Totally gorgeous!

  11. Polina

    What a gorgeous shade of pink! I love how flowy and feminine the blouse is. And the heels are killer! But are they comfortable? I would think that the embellishment of the strap would cut into your ankle, no?

  12. Sara Kate

    Oh my gosh!! Those shoes are everything!! I love the embellished details.


  13. Petra

    I love this outfit. You look gorgeous. Have a nice day 🙂

  14. kristen

    dying over the shoes.

  15. Tasha Juli

    So pretty! It’s a more subtle look that works for Vday or any day.
    Tasha Juli

  16. Meghan

    Loving this blush look. I totally need to get this bag in a blush or nude now!!

  17. Kathryn

    Those HEELS! Oh my gosh I’m obsessed!!

    xx Kathryn

  18. Alex Piniaz

    beautiful photos! love those heels <3 you look lovely!

  19. Hayley Larue

    Omg, your Givenchy bag is my life!! I am in love wit this style right now, and I love this color!! <3

  20. rosie

    those shoes literally made my heart stop! GORGEOUSNESS!

  21. brett

    beautiful shoes!

  22. Monika

    Love these heels!


  23. Liz - Shopping My Closet

    Beautiful heels!

    Liz @

  24. Rachel

    Those heels are amazing! Especially the detail on the back!!!


  25. Yana

    I love those heels. You look fabulous! 🙂

  26. Kelsey

    Those shoes!!

  27. Laura

    I want that bag!! ?

  28. Irina Bond

    Those blush heels are like pieces of art! You officially have the best bag and shoe collection.

    xo, Irina Bond |

  29. kayleejoy

    Oh my gorgeous wow. Those shoes are beautiful. And your styling is on point (as usual!) I love reading your blog every day, thanks for sharing!! xoxo

  30. Polly

    I love that blush color! The whole outfit looks so chic and fabulous on you!


  31. vera

    Beautiful look!!

  32. Jillian

    Blush is now my new favorite color, thanks to you ❤️

  33. Land of the go

    Those shoes are to die for.

  34. tara

    Those pumps are amazingggg! i love the embellished details! you totally rock them with a more casual outfit they would look so good with a blush dress too!
    Xo, Tara

  35. stylemelauren

    Loving these blush heels! So beautiful!! xo


  36. Makayla M.

    Well you are absolutely rocking this look! You look amazing!!


  37. Leah

    Those heels are so amazing! You’re so beautiful! Hope you’re having the best day. xoxo

    xx Leah /

  38. what to wear/

    Those heels are so sexy and pretty!

  39. anny

    could you do a post of advice for walking in heels? i love the way heels look but i feel like i walk really awkwardly in them. thanks!

    1. ibanez

      Oui se serait super car perso moi non plus je ne sais pas marcher avec des c est dommage car c est tellement beau!

  40. Nadin

    loved those shoes!

  41. Iuliia

    So amazing heels!


  42. Michelle

    I love this outfit! Such a pretty blush color!

  43. Kari

    I absolutely love that shirt. So romantic and pretty!

  44. ibanez

    C est un look simple mais très élégant.

  45. Paula

    Those shoes are from another world! So beautiful!

  46. Sharan

    You look beautiful! Also, I love those heels they are gorgeous!


  47. Gabrielle

    I love this outfit!

  48. Gladys

    Nice choice. You look so classy in that outfit.

    1. Beksyb

      I love the whole look but THE SHOES!!! Oh the shoes. How will I get through life without a pair of those? They will put a smile on my face no matter what is happening around me. I will wear them morning, noon and night. I will never take them off.
      They are so enchante!

  49. Victoria

    If you ever sell that bag, please let me know. Personal meaning to it.

  50. Reyan

    Those heels are amazing! Especially the detail on the back!

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