Love the two tone red on  and they are on sale!

Love the detailing of these dainty cut outs in  (on sale 50% off)! Also I’m kind of obsessed with  earrings – they are my favorite right now.

It was my first time making the glasses. The lady at the store gave me a little tip – honey works better than water to get the sugar to stick 🙂



I always love any excuse to get dressed up, so Cody and I are all about throwing holiday parties for friends and family. As hosts, your attire is one of the most important ways for really sealing the deal for your holiday party so it’s important to dress accordingly. A glam dinner party is one celebration guests will always get excited to get a chance to dress up for. I love  (50% off) with the shoulder cut-outs. This is another great  for a Christmas party and they also have a lot of really cute . All are 50% off right now so you can get your Holiday favorite on sale!

I always like to coordinate with Cody (even more so when we are hosting a get together) so we coordinated our looks together with . I’m also obsessed with . I’ve been looking for one forever and love this one.

Another must for setting the right mood is a touch of DIY to make the party feel more personal. I’d been wanting to make a DIY ice bucket for an extra festive element to the party. To make your own, get 2 round containers of different sizes. (I used a plastic Red Vines container; you can also use a plastic popcorn tin or anything else you can find really – just make sure it’s not glass so it doesn’t crack during the freezing process.) Set the smaller container within the larger and fill the space between the two with distilled water for a clearer end look. Add cranberries and rosemary  (in hindsight, I wish I would have thrown in more cranberries for color). I filled it up about halfway and froze it in phases to keep all the red and green from floating to the top. Repeat again once the first half has frozen through. Once both phases were frozen, I filled the sink with hot water and set the containers in the hot water to melt the sides so I could get the ice bucket our of the container a little easier. Once you are ready to display your ice bucket, set it on a chilled platter to minimize the melting.

Another easy but festive element we incorporated was the gold sugar-rimmed glasses and it was definitely a fun touch. 🙂

There are so many different ways you can celebrate the holidays, whether it’s getting dressed up or going low-key. Instead of sticking to the same holiday themes over and over, here are a few more ideas below.

  • Holiday glam
  • Color themed (pick a color for everyone to wear)
  • Give-back (collecting or making items to donate to charity)
  • White Elephant
  • Secret Santa
  • Family/office dinner party
  • Ugly sweater party
  • Hot chocolate bar
  • Christmas carol karaoke
  • Christmas tree decorating party
  • Christmas movie marathon

XX, Christine

*Photos by . In collaboration with . 

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    I too love dressing up and quite often prefer it to the actual going out part. 50% off sounds amazing 🙂 X

  2. sasa

    Looking fabulous! Love your dress<3

  3. Rach

    Great holiday inspo! I love dressing up too. It just makes it moer festive! I love that red dress!

  4. Liz - Shopping My Closet

    Great decoration ideas!

    Liz @

  5. Desimira

    You look beautiful! I love these pictures and all the decorations for your holiday party.

  6. Sara Kate

    I love absolutely everything in this post. So well styled. But that ice bucket is amazing!!!! wow. SO impressed.

  7. Katie

    I love this post! That ice bucket is SO cute. I’ll definitely have to try it this year. Also, you two take the cake for most gorgeous couple EVER.

  8. Jada Nicola

    Thank you for the tips! Beautiful holiday set up!

  9. Christianne I

    You always have something exciting here on your blog. I love all your ideas.
    Xo, Christianne

  10. Natali

    Beautiful photos! There’s for sure a real holiday’s magic going on! 🙂

  11. Diana

    Love this, great tips!

    || D I A N A ||


    What a great post…but can you please please share the source for the buffet/console table and the white chair? Love your decor – thank you!!

  13. Amanda @ A.Co est. 1984

    I LOVE this post, Christine!

    The ice bucket is brilliant — what a fantastic idea! Love the cranberries & rosemary you added too. SO SMART!

    And of course, you look gorgeous (both of you) per usual <3

  14. nadin

    loved your dress

  15. Rachel

    I’m obsessed with your cute shoes! Love them!


  16. Sarah

    Looks like a fun set up for a holiday party!

    I’d also love to know about the console table and that mirror!

  17. Kathryn

    Love, love, love this post! This dress fits you like a GLOVE and those heels are to die for!
    Definitely going to have to try this ice bucket. How fun for your champagne!!

    xx Kathryn

  18. Little Red Book

    So obsessed with those heels!!

  19. Laura

    This DIY ice bucket is the coolest thing i’ve ever seen! You look gorgeous btw.

    Latest Post:


    Such a lovely post! I love color coordination! both of you look great! xoxo

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  21. Carolyn Jarrett Brundage

    Love, love, love the shoes!

  22. Hannah

    Love those mules! The two-tone is so cute, and perfect for the holidays.

    xx, Hannah

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