On My Mind…

No rhyme or reason to these pics. I got a new phone (B has now broken mine 3 times!! – you think I would learn by now 🙂 and was just looking through pics and thought I’d share the random things from the last couple weeks.

His cheesiest of cheese but it kills me how much I love him! I swear this kid smiles on point. He will be having the biggest melt down or doing something naughty and I will B like “B knock it off or you’re going to time out!” and he will bust out this smile and I can’t help but bust out laughing. He is pure trouble.

 I have so many pics from when Mara and Wes were minis carrying pumpkins. I don’t know why but the pumpkin patch pictures are always so special to me.

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It’s a toss between burgundy and olive for my favorite colors for fall. My feet have been getting more sore lately, so I have been wearing flats more than usual. are my favorite. I got last year and loved them so much I got this year. I know they are a splurge but I wear mine 2-3 days out of the week. Worth the investment, but  is a more budget friendly alternative.