Guys, I have to admit I grew up in total denial of ever getting wrinkles. I think everyone does a little bit – we all think it won’t happen for a long long time and then suddenly you wake up one day like what the heck is that crease under my eye, or when did that wrinkle come on my forehead!

I’ve become a lot more serious about my anti-aging routine the last couple year and wanted to share some tips I’ve learned for making the most of your anti-aging products.

1: Invest & follow through.

We all have those moments of wisdom when we invest in a great anti-aging product but fail to stick with it. Leave your product somewhere you will see it every morning and night as a reminder. I have been using  and love the results. The PREVAGE® product line focuses on protecting the skin against environmental factors, like the sun and pollution, using a powerful antioxidant called Idebenone. I’ve noticed my skin is already a lot firmer and brighter since I started using it plus it evens out skin tones so I’m feeling a little liberated from my foundation/concealer. 😉  I usually wear it at night and add a drop to my foundation in the morning.

2: Start early!

There’s a reason everyone and their mother has been telling you to stop wrinkling your forehead or to wear a hat to protect your skin from the sun – they’ve already had to learn the hard way. Don’t wait until you already have fine lines and wrinkles to start taking precaution – prevention will give you a priceless head-start.

3: Prepare.

Before using an anti-aging serum, wash your face and lightly pat it dry with a towel so your skin is still damp when you apply it. If you have sensitive skin, dry your face fully and then wait a few minutes before you apply the product.

4: Application is everything.

The best skin products are the ones where are little goes a long way. Start with a bead-sized amount on your finger tip – it will be plenty. Then gently apply in circular motions with your ring finger for a lighter touch. Harshly applying a skin repair serum is the equivalent of an oxymoron 🙂

5: Don’t neglect your neck.

Think of your face and your neck as a package deal – they are both exposed to the same environment and never leave each others’ side so treat them equally and always apply anti-aging product to both your neck and your face.

6: Sleep on it.

Considering you are asleep for a third of your life, make sure your sleeping habits are working to your skin’s advantage instead of against it. Avoid those inevitable sleep lines altogether by sleeping on your back (if you can) or minimize the effect by using silk pillowcases that are more gentle on your skin.