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Hey guys! I have been out a couple days. We are in Mexico while the kids are on Spring Break. It’s been so nice enjoying a few days off with the fam.  Today I am partnering with to talk about dejunking and revamping for your Spring closet cleanse. Cody and I have been reading a book about the benefits of simplifying which forced me to come to terms with my major hoarding tendencies. Once I realized I had pieces from high school still in my closet, I knew it was time to start simplifying. There were some obvious pieces that needed to go, but even some of my designer pieces I had only worn a couple times I kept trying to convince myself I would use for that special occasion just sat season after season. So after letting my family raid my giveaway pile I decided to consign my designer pieces so I could pick out new items that would get more use.

makes the whole consignment process super easy. They send a full kit that includes a list of accepted brands, a form to easily list the pieces you are consigning, and a prepaid label for your shipment. They also set up a call to answer any questions or concerns you might have about the process.  (In some cities they have luxury managers there in person to guide you through the process.)

Honestly choosing what to get rid of is the hardest part. One helpful trick I used this round was if I didn’t wear it last year, I probably wouldn’t next year.  I did hold a couple pieces I guessed would circle back in style, but try to a very select few on those.

Below are a few of the items I consigned with links to posts they were featured in. You can see all my consignments



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