As we get older we all seek that “youthful glow” and often turn to makeup for the answer. But if we aren’t careful our make up routine can actually be adding age instead of taking it away. Below are a few makeup tips to help create that youthful fresh face:

1. Hydrate. As anyone would tell you, the first step to getting that youthful glow is to stay hydrated. On top of drinking water, is a non-negotiable. Long, hot showers strip the skin of its moisture and protective oils so try to limit your showers to 10 minutes or under. Studies have shown if you apply your with in three minutes of exiting the shower it helps lock in the moisture. I have used since I was in high school I like it because it’s light weight and doesn’t make your skin feel really oily.

2. Conceal. Whoever said diamonds were a girl’s best friend must have had flawless skin. While shade is one of the obvious factors in picking our a , consistency is another one to focus on. Wax-based concealers tend to seep into fine lines and wrinkles, unlike which don’t, but still offer the same coverage. Plus, the click-technology keeps concealer from drying out and becoming too thick or clumpy.   has been my favorite for years. It’s a beauty must have.

3. Blend. From fingers to brushes, the options for blending foundation are plenty. One of my favorites is using a . Lightly wet your  to keep it from absorbing too much of the makeup and to thin out your foundation. The result is perfect, sheer coverage. (If you buy they are half the price 🙂

4. Be Powder Picky. Opt for photo ready powder ( instead of color) – Tinted face powder instantly adds age, so use a to set your base.

5. Lift. Eyelashes flatten with age so while you might not be in the habit of , start cozying up to the idea. Even if you skip mascara, you can open your eyes up with a quick curl of the lashes. I just ordered which had great reviews.

6.  Line up. We all have black eyeliner sitting in our make up bag. Set that aside and opt for a . Black eyeliner tends to make your eyes seem smaller. Instead, soften your liner with a more subtle and sophisticated color, like . Brown makes you look younger and isn’t as harsh as your typical black. Use a soft hand and slight wing to make eyes seem wider.

7. Lengthen. Typically we seek volume when looking for a mascara but is the keys to making your eyes seem wider and more open. Look for a thin wand so you can easily coat each lash. is amazing.




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  1. Gia Sante

    I don’t have a sponge. I need to try that

  2. Paige Flamm

    I’m definitely going to be trying some of these… as I approach my mid 20s im starting to realize how important skincare is!

  3. sasa

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing:)XO

  4. Jade

    Great tips! I bought the YSL concealer forever ago but some reason I never use it! Gotta break it out again 🙂

  5. Wishes & Reality

    Awesome tips! So happy to know about the MAC powder!

    Heidi D.

  6. Jessica @ wearitforless

    These are awesome tips – thanks so much!

  7. Sue

    I really like the makeup tips.


  8. Tiffany of Just Another Shopaholic

    This is great! Thank you for sharing.

  9. amy

    my fave post so far! (sort of a makeup junkie) and at 31, I’ve noticed my skin changing. I’ve bookmarked these products to purchase in the future. thanks !!! <3<3

  10. Jill @ Champagne for Everyday

    Great suggestions!! Also good exfoliation – nothing like dead skin to make a face a look dull and old :/ I use Retin- A daily to regrow collagen and shed old skin layers!

    Happy Holidays!!

  11. kiely

    everyone has been talking about this beauty sponge! obviously i need one 🙂

    xo, k

  12. Jeanne

    How cool!