//  (under $15) //  (color grey/green/mango – also worn in )// // //  //

These  have been on repeat at least two-three days a week at my house lately. I got them a couple months ago before we went to Disneyland. I was so in love with them I ordered three more pairs (pink, black, and yellow). I love when you find a good staple item at a good price and just stock up. I always worry I won’t be able to find something like it again so I like to get multiple colors 🙂 Do you guys do that too? I also just ordered these cute . I love the cuff roll on them, so bummed the neon yellow ones are sold out.

A couple of you emailed asking for a direct link to last time I wore them. The link above is the right link, but if you are viewing them from your cell phone, Nordstrom mobile site makes you choose the size before it shows the color option. So click on your size and then the color options will appear below. The color I have is grey/green/mango. Hope that helps 🙂