Where has this year gone? I can’t believe Father’s Day is almost here. Why is it that boys would seem like the easiest people to buy for but really they aren’t? I’ve narrowed down a few of my favorites picks for the different types of Dad’s in your life.

Sporty Dad

 (ordered these for my hubby)

 (also loving this )

Stylish Dad

is offering an extra 25% off site wide (code: EXTRA) with guaranteed Father’s Day shipping. A deal for Dad never hurt right? 🙂 If your having a hard time picking something out, I think two basic gifts that work for almost every Dad is 1. A good pair of shoes and 2. A techy gift. 
For shoes, both my Dad and Cody have . They are a classic shoe that fits every style of man at every age group. They are great to wear for friend’s weddings, a date night, or even just a casual brunch with family.  This is probably the most universal and would match the most. A simple techy gift are these . My Dad just got one, and my husband and I both had to borrow it on our California trip because our phone’s die so fast.  Both of these are safe buys if your having troubles figuring out what to get. 
I still have a couple things I need to get, but I just got these for my husband and I’m loving these to match his casual slacks or shorts. They are a great deal under $30. 
 My dad is always the hardest. He likes dress shirts with button down collars so I’m thinking maybe this . Both my Dad and Cody love toys so I’ve been eyeing so they can play them with kids. Have you started Father’s Day shopping? 

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  1. Such good tips – and I’m always looking for Father’s Day ideas! Xo, S

  2. My dad would love that black watch! Great gift guide.

    xo Ash,

  3. What a great selection of items! I am thinking about a fitbit for my dad as well.
    That brief case is also a great idea!

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