I think baby/toddler shoes are one of my favorite things to buy. One because I just love shoes, and two because their mini size just makes them ten times cuter. Nordstrom has always been my go to for classic kids shoes like ,  , and .  were actually Beckam’s first pair of shoes and they stay on so well even being a size big. I’m also obsessed with these they just got for Spring. I have to get Beckam a pair to match his Dad.

I know I have mentioned it a couple times, but I totally buy kids shoes for myself. I am a women’s size 8 and get a 6 in kids. You can save a few bucks on shoes they make in both adults and kids and a lot of times they have brighter color options like pinks and neons in kids sizes verses adults. You probably remember the mint hunters I’ve worn on my blog and Instagram a lot (they are kids shoes). I’m loving . I think they are next on my list. Also these cute  are only $75.

Favorite Boy Shoes.

Favorite Girl Shoes.

For Moms. 

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  1. Marie Rose

    Lovely shoes. Your post was adorable, i like your shoe collection.