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One of my favorite things about the Holidays is giving people gifts. I love buying things for people! Especially when it comes to my Dad and Cody, I always get them at least a couple pieces of apparel to go with their other gifts. I like to pick out nicer items, I know they may not take the time to buy themselves. For my Dad he loves a good dress shirt. He’s picky about the fabric and the buttons on the collar so this was the perfect combo of all the things he looks for. Cody on the other hand, has been looking for a good sports coat to wear with jeans. I’m loving this  because it totally has that casual yet sleek rugged man look. I’m thinking paired with a beanie and desert boots or just a nice dress shirt for a date night. 
Overall I am just so excited to start the holiday shopping! Who are you most excited to shop for on your list?

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  1. Love that shaving set. My hubby actually mentioned he really needs a new shaver for xmas. Hmmm…do you have any recommendations?


  2. My boyfriend would love all of these!! Guy’s are so much easier to shop for then girls!!!


  3. Great idea with the travel bag. I think it is time my man grew up a little and had a nice travel bag.

    Holly @ createbakecelebrate.blogspot.com

  4. Well, I WISH my boyfriend would use anything similar. But he’s too much of a urban-meets-comfy-youngster for that.

  5. My workmate would like to read this! I like the scarf. winter is as cold as ice. Need it to keep me warm. lol!

  6. My husband would love all of these items! It is so hard to shop for him, but I can definitely pick one of these for him and know that he would love it.

  7. My husband would totally love all of these! It is almost impossible to shop for him, but know he would love any one of these gifts!