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Hi Everyone! Hope you are having a good start to the week. I am a day behind on posts this week, the kids were sick with strep and colds all weekend so we started our Christmas movie marathon, played Candy land and High Ho Cherry-o about 30 times, and wrote letters to Santa. It’s  not even Thanksgiving and I have major Holiday fever. I can’t wait! 
With the holidays around the corner we all have the opportunity to help those in need.  I am excited to team up with today and help spread the word about their . Donate a lightly worn children’s or women’s sweater to your local Anthropologie and receive a $10 gift card toward your in store purchase of a new , , or  (below are a couple of my Anthro favorites). All sweaters are donated to a local charity, women’s shelter, community center, etc., chosen by each store. It’s a quick easy way to give back. The drive runs through this Sunday (11/24) so be sure to collect a couple sweaters and stop by.



別れさせ屋 兵庫

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  1. Such a chic way to dress your baby bump 🙂 Beautiful belt!

  2. Gorgeous sweater and love the belt addition!

  3. That’s such a nice belt! And what a nice campaign to participate in!!

  4. I love that you belted your sweater Christine, so pretty! Looks like I’ll be dropping off a few sweaters today. 🙂


  5. Love the belt with the sweater. I need to collect a few sweaters to take in. They have so many cute things right now!

  6. So neat that Anthropologie is doing a sweater drive!

  7. What a great cause – thanks for sharing! And you look vibrant. Hope the family is on the mend, but let’s hear it for Christmas movie marathons!

  8. The sweater looks so cozy! Love seeing brands I shop give back. I need to make it into Anthropologie this weekend!

  9. The sweater looks so comfortable! I love seeing brands I enjoy shopping give back. Looks like I will have to go to Anthropologie this weekend. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Ooo I just clicked the link for the dress, so pretty!


  11. SO cute and cozy! I have a sweater similar to this and wear it ALL the time! You look so gorgeous. I was at the tea party on Saturday and wish we could’ve chatted!


  12. Pretty style. Amazing sweater.
    xo, Petra

  13. You look gorgeous – sorry your fam is sick!

    I can’t believe your sweater dress was under $30! Nice work. Followed you on bloglovin. 🙂

    With Love From Hollywood,

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  14. That belt looks fab with the sweater, accentuates your bump so well! And thanks for sharing about the Anthro sweater deal, I will have to stop in!


  15. Love this! The belt is gorgeous and I love how you paired it with that sweater. So pretty and chic

    xo Mel

  16. beautiful sweater — looks so warm and cozy! i like how you glammed it up with a sparkly belt.


  17. This is so funny, I found your blog via Pinterst but the pic didn’t go anywhere. Then I click a week later on another outfit (Tulle skirt) and saw this as one of your posts. I actaully used your pic above for my Pinned it and Did it post last week. Would love your feedback!
    xo, Lee

  18. I am defiantly going to try to donate a sweater. Thanks for the idea! I enjoy how easy your blog is with light writing and fun pics, and not to mention great ideas! Keep blogging I am looking forward to reading another post.