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Hope you all are having a great weekend! I’m throwing out a weekend post because I forgot to publish this one yesterday. 
Pregnant Brain!
So last Christmas Cody bought me this grey boyfriend sweater and it was one of my favorite oversized knits. I love when he picks clothes out for me, they always end up being my favorite items. Anyways, about a week and half ago Mio got snipped and has been stuck wearing one of those cones so he doesn’t lick his stitches. He has been a complete hellion! He either A- mopes around the house or B-gets into things he knows he’s not supposed to. So Monday night I’m sitting blogging on the couch and I notice he’s laying really weird and his stomach is all bloated. Immediately I knew he ate something! I went into my room and found my favorite sweater now sleeveless with only half the body left. No pieces to be found anywhere, he literally ate it! Poor little guy was hurting until he was able to “digest” it out.  
This is my first puppy, so I never knew dogs literally ate clothes or shoes, I always thought that was just a joke!
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