/ Zara Pants (old similar ) / BCBG heels (old similar loving ) /
How are you all? Life has been a little busy the last couple days. Fashion Week is suddenly here, and packing is my enemy. 
When someone finds the key to balance please fill me in. I love the chaos, really I think I thrive on it but somedays it’s more challenging than others. I’m only a part time mom and I still struggle. I know so many of you ladies out there are multitasking, balancing it all and I realized somedays you have to be okay not getting it all done. Let the dishes go undone, skip a blog post, let the laundry pile up another day. At the end of the day family and friends are what matters. Take a night off and cuddle up with the fam, go out on that girl’s night you keep postponing, schedule that pedi you need, take time to refresh so your not overwhelmed.
It’s a constant reminder I need, it’s okay to just let it go sometimes 🙂