Top. H&M // Sweater. Mike & Chris (old) // Denim. Urban Outfitters // Boots. 
Bag.  // Glasses.  // Beanie. H&M
Lipstick. NARS
Happy Holidays Everyone! How was your Christmas??
Can you believe how fast it came and went. I feel like I blinked and it was over. 
Normally I am not one to talk about presents but I have to gush about one of my gifts from my hubby. 
 I have been wanting one for years. I was so, so excited!!!

Let’s take a second to talk about how much technology has changed…. 
Any guesses on how long it takes 1 picture to develop?
40 minutes! 

Apparently “shaking it like a poloraid picture” doesn’t help speed the process up either. Five minutes after you snap the photo you start to see the faintest outline of the image, then 30-35 minutes later you see the full picture lol. I LOVE IT. The images look so vintage, like they are straight from the 80’s. Coolest present ever!