If you follow me on IG (@christineandrew) you have seen my love for all things denim. Denim jackets, vests, colored denim, if it’s denim I probably like it. I have been so excited about denim vests for some reason. Maybe it’s because I’ve had a denim jacket for years so I needed something new to add to the denim craze hitting fashion right now.

I was beyond stoked when I found a denim vest at . (I had been hunting for months!)

I kind of splurged because normally I wouldn’t spend $70 on something that isn’t a staple item, but it was exactly what I had been looking for, so I impulsively gave in!

A week later I was out thrifting and realized there was a rather large overload of denim jackets, well basically just an overload of denim (this is definitely one of those old trends cycling back around). Anyways, I found this cute Levi’s (same brand as Urban one) for $4! Uhmm that’s 95% of the price of the other one. It was a no brainer. Return the other one and transform this into a vest!

If you are new to the denim trend. I would say start here. Denim jackets are so cute! They match almost everything. (See them styled on my blog  & )
So if you already own a denim jacket and want to switch things up a bit, go for a vest! They are super easy to make.
1. Cut off the sleeves about a quarter inch away from the seam so there is fabric to fray. Start pulling the cross stitches of the fabric so you start to see a fray. (Washing is another great way to amplify the fray) If you want a vest that will match a lot, Walah! Your done. I wanted a more statement piece so I took it a step farther
2. Find a fabric you like to add some contrast. (JoAnn is always a great place to buy fabric. Download there app on your phone for free coupons) I am in LOVE with floral and dots right now so this fabric was the best of both worlds. I wanted it to have that edgy yet organic feel so I only sewed the fabric on one side. Do whatever fits your style! I am still in debate of adding a patch to the back at well, but that’s one of the fun things about creating your own clothes is you can continuously change them!
I can’t wait to style this vest! Waiting for the perfect day to bust it out.
Bottom Line: Denim is in. Get yourself a jacket or vest. If you don’t like thrifting here are some affordable jackets under $40  & .