Birthdays are so fun! I am all about turning a birthDAY into birthday WEEK. Everyone deserves to be spoiled for their birthday. This month it is both mine and my daughters birthday so I have been looking for fun crafts for us to do together. I saw a balloon wreath on and had to create my own. I love this because it works for any age and gender. It’s a unisex decoration which is  hard to find.

* 200 balloons (Dollar Tree sells 25 for $1 or Walmart sells 75 for $4.50. I liked the colors better at Walmart so I used those)
* 18 inch styrofoam wreath ($7.99 at Michaels. I used 40% off coupon which made it only $4.80)
* Pins (one container is all you need, there is like 300 in a package)

Layout a couple packages of balloons so you can see al the colors and start pinning. Pin some by the round top part, some by the center, and some by the mouth of the balloon. You want to pin it different ways so it creates variety and texture.

Get the kids involved. They were so anxious to help! I let my 2 year old pick out what balloon color we would use next and my 4 year old pin the balloon. ( I  secretly had to redo a couple to get the color combo I liked 🙂 but they were good little helpers. They were trying to blow them up as we put some on, so you may get some salvia mixed in there too.

It took about an hour to get all the balloons on, so it is a little time consuming but super easy.  I was really excited how it turned out!

I saw a couple online that had cute little birthday signs attached to them, but I haven’t found any I like yet. Some also put a wood letter in the middle of the person’s birthday. There are lots of fun variations to make it your own!