Oh my word I love stripes! Stripes are one of those classic trends that will always be around. They make great layering pieces so if you don’t have some basic long sleeve stripe shirts it’s time to get a couple.   
I got two thin stripped shirts last year at Old Navy that are two of my faves! They don’t make the thin striped long sleeve crews anymore but here is something similar if you like the thin stripe (), or if you just need a stripe crew (). If you haven’t tried their long sleeve shirts before you need to. They usually only cost like $5-$10, great closet basics. You can always find a sale at Old Navy so don’t ever buy anything regular price. 
Try layering stripes together, just keep a couple things in mind: 
1. You don’t want to layer the same size stripe. 
Mix it up with different widths. The goal is to create dimension with the layers. 
2. You usually want to have one color in both layers 
(i.e. thin tan and white, over large tan and grey, tan is in both) 
3. Throw a solid layer in the mix, it helps break up the stripes and create a base for the viewers eye.

Necklace: F21 
Long Sleeve Tee: Old Navy $5 (see above links) 
Stripe Sweater: Old Navy $10 (similar 
Chunky Sweater: Street vendor in Italy $5 (similar 
Leggings:  F21 $5.50 (
Boots: Miz Mooz King Riding Boot $185 ()